White NY Firefighter Who Called Female EMT ‘Black B***h’ During Emergency Incident Faces No Discipline

An investigation is being conducted after a white firefighter called a Black medical technician out of her name while they both were responding to an emergency call on Sunday.

City and emergency officials clambered to make their way to Starrett City, New York and help residents who were affected by the power outage. In the midst of doing so, a heated argument took place between a white firefighter from Engine Co. 290 and a Black female EMT during a phone call.

The firefighter allegedly yelled at the medical official, “Just do your job, you Black B***h.”

The EMT filed a complaint the next day with FDNY’s Equal Employment Opportunity office, the New York Daily News reported.

The department’s spokeswoman stated on Friday, “A complaint has been filed with the EEO office and an investigation has been opened.”

The incident follows after several accusations of racial discrimination against the FDNY. Daniel Rivera, a former Latino firefighter sued the department for alleged discrimination. He claimed a fellow firefighter taped live roaches on his locker.

Rashan Hassan, a Black Muslim firefighter, also filed a lawsuit against the department and alleged racial discrimination. He suffered from horrific treatment and claimed FDNY officials had him arrested after he vocalized his abuse. Hassan noted that the department often made him skip meals because of his religious beliefs.

During a bar fight in June outside of the Bronx, a white FDNY employee reportedly called a Black firefighter from Engine 68 a “nigger.” Seven of the department employees along with their lieutenant were all suspended after the incident.

The white firefighter who shouted the racial insult at the EMT was still on active duty as of Friday and was not reprimanded.

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