Pennsylvania Man Waves Gun, Threatens to Lynch Black Driver In Road Rage Incident

A Pennsylvania man is charged with a felony hate crime after threatening Black drivers in a road rage incident.

According to The Sentinel, Adam Kraus, 32, began to tailgate his victims and flashed the high beams of his Chevrolet pick up truck. In an affidavit obtained by The Sentinel, the victims said Kraus then pulled alongside their car and began yelling racial slurs. At that point, Kraus waved his gun at the Black commuters before threatening to hang one of them from a tree.

The victims were able to grab Kraus’ license plate and details for a physical description which included “a white man between 28 to 35 years old with gaps in his teeth and blond hair.” Kraus was later identified in a photo lineup.

When the police contacted Kraus he claimed he wasn’t in the area at the time but later recanted and claimed the victims brake-checked him. Kraus was charged with felony ethnic intimidation, misdemeanor simple assault and misdemeanor terroristic threats.

Kraus was released on an unsecured bond. He’s expected to appear in front of a Magisterial District Judge the morning of Sept. 5 for a preliminary hearing.

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