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Amber Rose Launches New App to Help Her Biggest Fans Pay Their Rent, Tuition, and More 

Model Amber Rose recently launched a new app to empower women and fund their dreams.

The model shared a video encouraging her followers, aka Rosebuds, to download her new app. Reportedly, the app will allow Rose to connect with her biggest fans who will, in turn, be eligible to receive donations for big and small projects. Rose did not specify how many of her Rosebuds will be blessed with funding but if chosen a fan can receive money for rent, tuition, businesses and more.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose launches new app.

Rose said in a press release, “I wanted it to be very personal so it’s going to be full of content you can’t find on any of my other platforms.” She continued, “I also know how amazing my fans are, so this gives me the opportunity to show them I see and hear them. I want to give back and build a tight-knit community in which they can all feel empowered to be themselves with the support of other members of the amazing Amber Rose community.”

The financing will come directly from Rose’s pockets to her fans.

In the caption of an Instagram post, Rose wrote, “NEW AMBER ROSE APP!!! LINK IN MY BIO!!! It’s all exclusive and original content from yours truly. Make sure you subscribe 😘😘😘‬ SWIPE LEFT”

Fans of the Slut Walker founder were eager to join.

“love that she ain’t charging for her app like other celebs” “I downloaded it!”

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