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T.I. ‘Not Worried’ About Charges Following Incident Outside Gated Community

T.I. hasn’t escaped charges stemming from his May incident with a security guard at his gated community. But that doesn’t mean the rapper is bothered by it.

Last week Tip was hit with misdemeanor simple assault, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct charges after he had an altercation with a guard outside Eagles Landing Country Club in Stockbridge, Ga., when the rapper forgot his key.

At the time, T.I. maintained to the Blast that the guard, who was Black, “antagonized” him and that when the discussion got heated, the worker called local police, whom Tip described as “white cops in a very white area.”

The “Ye vs. the People” performer was ultimately arrested but released on bond.

Spaking about the three charges on “Good Day New York” Tuesday, T.I. said it was “preposterous.”

“I think it will be resolved and I think the county has much more to do than charge me with misdemeanors for getting into my own gated subdivision with a guard that was asleep on his post,” T.I. said July 17.

“I had every right to be upset,” he added. “I responded the way anyone would respond who dedicates the kind of resources I do for my family’s safety around-the-clock. If you’re asleep on your post and I pay you I have a right to be upset. For the police to come there and attempt to discipline me or even ask what is going on in the situation I think it’s negligent and counter-productive.”

Since then, the guard has reportedly been given the pink slip and T.I., who at the time had the smell of alcohol on his breath according to authorities, said he hasn’t seen him.

“It’s the story of a Black man in America,” he concluded. “Every step of the way there is always some form of authority that some other person who is supposed to be equal to you holds over your head. I’m not worried about it. I’ve seen worse.”

As for what fans think of the charges, they seem to side with the MC.

“Charge’s for trying to go home? Might want to find dude at the gate and get your money worth. How ridiculous.”

“My mans needs to move.”


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