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Intoxicated White Man Goes Full Racist and Attacks a Woman Studying Outside

A woman feared for her life after a racist white man tried to strike her in the head and hurled racial epithets her way on Tuesday afternoon.

Angela Jefferson told KCAL9 she was sitting at a table outside of a West Hollywood Grocery store, studying and listening to music. It was around 2:30 p.m. when the victim noticed a white man sat a table parallel to her and began spewing racial language at her.

Jefferson said the man began banging the table with a “pipe” and then tried to swing the long object at her. “He tried to hit me with it, but I dodged it,” she explained. “He was calling me the ‘N’ word … He was calling me the ‘B’ word.” She asked the man to stop, but continued on.

A witness, Dulcinea Circelli, recorded the entire incident on camera and said the drunken man broke a chair by trying to throw it at Jefferson’s head. She’d stepped outside of the Pavillon store after hearing the disturbance and witnessed the man calling the woman a “nigger.”

Circelli’s recording showed a man confronting the intoxicated suspect and asking him to leave the premises. The man threw more of a temper tantrum and the security guards intervened.

“It was just so scary and just the fact that he was expecting the security guard to back him up when he was armed and attacking two people with metal rods,” Circelli added.

A few of Jefferson’s items were damaged by the racist man. He disappeared before authorities showed. Police said the suspect will be charged with drunk and disorderly conduct if he reappears at the market.

Jefferson hugged Circelli and was grateful for those who intervened.

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