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Claudia Jordan Defends Martin Lawrence After He’s Accused of Only Liking Light Skinned Women

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In the Black community, is it more acceptable to discriminate against light skin Black women than it is dark skin Black women?

Claudia Jordan seems to think so, and she blasted some people on Instagram about it.

On Thursday (June 29), Martin Lawrence posted a photo of his fiancée Roberta Morafar and wished her a happy birthday. “Love the way you make my pancakes,” he wrote. “Hookin’ ’em up with that Aunt Jemima syrup. Happy birthday, beautiful. My lil’ #haitianqueen.”

While one would probably assume the post would receive a few kind comments, a few snarky ones and that’s it, it actually sparked a conversation about skin tone and preference. Because some people accused Lawrence of only liking light-skinned women, which Jordan had a problem with.

“Light skin,” one person wrote next to Morafar’s photo.

“[You] beat me to it,” wrote someone else.

That’s when Jordan chimed in.

“She’s more than just light-skinned,” she wrote. “And when [is] that gonna stop being an issue? She’s a nurse with a degree, and she’s from Haiti. Just as it is not cool to discriminate against dark skin women, it’s equally not as cool to ostracize a Black woman because she’s light. How ‘bout we stop doing the white man’s work for him, as in dividing us more? She’s a great catch, so let’s not try to reduce her to a hue. That’s all, ladies.”

Then one person asked, if Lawrence does prefer light-skinned women should it be considered a wrongdoing or just a preference?

“Everybody has a type. So what?” someone wrote. “I got a type too. I hate people sometimes.”

But another person seemed angry at Jordan and said she shouldn’t be blaming others for stating who they believe Martin is attracted to.

However, it may be important to note that Lawrence never said he prefers one type of skin tone over another, but that point wasn’t brought up much during the Instagram argument.

“I’d like to see the same passion directed toward the people who created these oppressive standards of beauty,” one person wrote. “Light, mixed race skin is generally viewed as being more appealing around the world. It’s a shame that you think someone pointing out a type is an example of ‘Doing the white man’s work.’ Blaming the oppressed for their thoughts and experiences due to colonialism is unfair.”

Meanwhile, on Morafar’s Instagram page, she hasn’t addressed any of this yet, she just posted photos of her birthday, which include pictures of flowers and some of the people she hung out with.

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