Woman Tries to Downplay 10-Year-Old Ghanaian DJ’s Black Excellence — But Folks Weren’t Having It


DJ Switch has big plans for the future

Can you believe DJ Switch only started DJ-ing about a year ago? She spoke to BBC What’s New about her future plans.

Posted by BBC News Africa on Friday, June 22, 2018

News video of a 10-year-old Ghanaian disc jockey best known as “DJ Switch” had social media users gushing this weekend over her cool moves and catchy tunes. People openly celebrating the young girl’s Black excellence was too much for one user, however.

The talented youngster, whose real name is Erica, said she first tried her hand at DJing when she was just nine years old and has fallen in love with it ever since. She told BBC News Africa she chose her stage name because “I switch people’s happiness.”

While DJing is her passion, young Erica said she one day hopes to become an OBGYN.

“I want to be a gynecologist because I want to help women,” said Erica, who plays the trumpet and is currently learning piano.

Worldwide praise for DJ Switch came pouring in as nearly 3 million viewers celebrated the young girl’s talents, all the while complimenting her beautiful dark skin and natural hair.

“First of all, she’s gorgeous! Secondly, her skin is amazing. Thirdly, her hair cut is sooo on point,” one user commented, following her post with the hashtags “#blackgirlmagic” and “#Black excellence.”

“My Ghanaian, my Nigerian, my African-American, my Caribbean, my Black ppl around the world — let us support the little gorgeous blackgirlmagic,” wrote another.

Not everyone was thrilled about the comments boosting the young DJ’s dark skin, claiming that such comments highlighting a person’s race were “divisive.”

“Why always do we have to divide everyone,” wrote one user named Erica Newell. “If this little girl was white, no one would be saying anything about her color. Every single person has different color skin. This girl is so talented, so [driven,] so smart and such a great roll model. Her parents must be so proud of the young lady she has and is becoming.”

Newell’s apparent trolling didn’t stand a chance, however, as DJ Switch’s supporters quickly put her in check.

DJ Switch

Newell never responded with a rebuttal.

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