10 Super Dope Black Superheroes You Should Know Other Than ‘Black Panther’

Black Superhero
Lucas Bishop (Marvel)

Bishop: The Black superhero mutant known as Bishop was created to fight mutant-hunting robots named the “Sentinels.” Bishop made his debut as a member of Dr. Charles Xavier’s Security Enforcers, a mutant police force from the future. His superpowers allows him to absorb all forms of radiant energy and release it from his body. Many don’t know, but he’s a big key to the X-Men series in Marvel Comics.

Black Superhero
Nubia (DC Comics/Paul Sizer)

Nubia is an African super-heroine who was an Amazon warrior, but was captured by Ares. She battled “Wonder Woman” in combat, won, but hesitated to kill her after learning they both were raised as sisters. However, Nubia returned to the island years later and reiterated her claim to the title of “Wonder Woman”. Her special powers consist of a magic sword created by Ares (Mars). She is also part of DC Comics.

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