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Study Suggests White People are More Likely to Assault Black, Latino People Than the Other Way Around

Interracial Crime

Most white-on-black crimes were more likely to involve robbery, assault or weapons use, according to the report. (Photo by Paul Bradbury / Getty Images)

Despite narratives often peddled by the mainstream media, a study of interracial crime statistics revealed that white people are more likely to assault and use weapons against minorities in Los Angeles — not the other way around.

A forthcoming study by the International Review of Law and Economics examined “face to face” crime statistics involving homicide, robbery, assault and weapon use, and found that whites were 13 percent more likely to assault Black Americans and Hispanics, the John Jay College’s Center on Media and Justice reported Friday.

Based in part on data obtained by the LAPD between 2000 and 2007, theĀ IRLE report also concluded that whites were 0.5 percent more likely to use weapons against these groups than these groups were to use weapons on them.

“We observe this pattern of violence committed by white individuals across almost all types of neighborhoods in Los Angeles County, and the pattern is stronger in neighborhoods that are wealthier and have a greater population density of white individuals,” the authors wrote.

In encounters between minority suspects and white victims, Blacks and Latinos were more likely to commit robbery and weapons crimes but less likely to assault whites. Face-to-face crimes involving a white suspects and white victims were most likely to be assaults.

“In relation to all reported crimes in Los Angeles, assaults were found to be more likely among whites, Blacks, and Hispanics,” according to The Crime Report. ” … This group comprised 41.8 percent of assaults, which is 14.5 percent of all reported crimes.”

The study is set to be published in December 2018.


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