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White Property Owner Uses SUV to Prevent Black Doctor From Entering Gated Community, Accuses Her of ‘Trespassing’

Black doctor is outraged at a man she says racially profiled her when he used his SUV to block her from entering the gated community where she lives.

Nnenna Aguchoa said she was trying to enter the Buckhead Townhome community where she’s resided for eight years after coming off an overnight shift, according to a police report obtained by 11Alive News. That is when she says another property owner stopped her at the gate entrance by parking his vehicle under the gate arm, refusing to move forward.

Aguchoa captured the entire incident on video.

“He got out of the car and threatened to call the police on me because I was trespassing,” she said in the video clip taken at the scene. “This is racial profiling at its finest.”

“He called the police, so I called the police as well,” Aguchoa added.

Once officers arrived, the local doctor explained that the man refused to let her in because he didn’t believe she actually lived there. The man also accused her of tailgating his vehicle in an attempt to get through the gate.

“Are you serious?” Aguchoa says in the video, approaching the man’s car to confront him. “Do you know what you’re doing? You are racially profiling.”

Speaking to 11Alive, Aguchoa said she absolutely feels the incident was racially-motivated, adding that she decided to take out her cell phone to record because she didn’t think anyone would believe her story that someone had used their car to block her from getting home.

“When this altercation was going on, what went through my mind was this guy could do absolutely anything to me,” she told the station. “… He could shoot me dead on the spot because he was trying to protect the neighborhood and the property — and people would make up stories later.”

The man eventually moved his car from in front of the gate after police arrived. Aguchoa said she then used her gate code to prove to officers, and the man, that she in fact lived there.

Still, the man claimed she was trespassing and said there’d been recent robberies in the area where people were stealing A/C units. President of the neighborhood homeowner’s association told 11Alive they had no knowledge of such thefts, however, adding that it wouldn’t have excused the man’s racist behavior either way.

The man told police he owns property in the community, but lives in Roswell.

No charges were filed in the incident, but Aguchoa said she’s considering taking legal action.


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