Maryland Woman Accused of Attacking White Bus Passengers Faces 13-Year Prison Stint

Maryland Woman Attacks Passengers

Kimberly Jordan told police she hadn’t taken her medication in recent days. (Image courtesy of the Montgomery County Police Department)

A Maryland woman could be headed to jail after Gaithersburg Police say she muttered “I hate white people” before pummeling a pair of passengers aboard a moving Ride On bus.

Kimberly Jordan, 24, has been charged with racial harassment, second-degree assault and obstructing as a result of her unprovoked attack, local station ABC 7 reported. If convicted, she could spend up to 13 years behind bars.

Authorities said the event unfolded around 9 p.m. Monday as the bus was operating a route just north of the Lake Forest Mall. Jordan allegedly began eyeing two white passengers and murmured, “I hate white people.” Moments later, she stood up and socked the white female passenger in the face. When the victim’s male friend tried to defend her, Jordan slapped him in the face, too.

The assault left the male victim with a “long cut” to his nose while his lady friend suffered minor cuts to her palms, police said. Meanwhile, Jordan fled the bus, but officers caught up with her about a quarter mile away.

Despite bus surveillance of the assault, Jordan tried to argue that the white female had thrown the first punch, triggering her response. When the cops didn’t buy her story, the young woman suddenly became remorseful and claimed she hadn’t taken her prescribed medication in a few days. An officer scolded her ,and noted that failing to take her meds was no excuse for exhibiting such racist behavior.

“I know,” she replied.

The Ride On bus driver and one of Jordan’s friends corroborated claims that the young woman declared how much she hated white people before wailing on the white riders. Court documents cited by ABC 7 show Jordan has a lengthy rap sheet that includes charges for theft, burglary and even domestic violence.

Jordan’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 12.

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