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‘The Haves and the Have Nots’ Fans Want the Show to Take Drastic Measures to Axe This Character

After Tuesday night’s episode of “The Haves and The Have Nots” aired, there’s definitely one character fans are hoping doesn’t show up next week: Wyatt Cryer.

The black sheep of the privileged Cryer family is the resident bad boy on the series, having dealt with drug and alcohol abuse and impatient outbursts when in rehab. He’s also been jokingly thrust into prison for his behavior.

Wyatt’s storyline was beefed up when he had a deadly hit and run and also when he suffered overdose that nearly cost him his life.

This season has seen the older Cryer sibling relapse in his drinking and in the episode that aired June 12, he confessed to Jeffery, in a phone call while high that he killed a man at a bar, which his dad Jim, assisted in covering up. The murder has Wyatt so torn up that he even threatened suicide while high on a call to his pal Jefferey — poised to die the way his sister did in season 3. Plus, Wyatt’s parents cut off his money, so he also told his friend he wants his judge father and heiress mother to kick the bucket.

But the storyline is played out now, according to fans. With the show being in its fifth season, viewers are ready for the writers to play some different cards other than drug overdoses and more erratic behavior from Wyatt.

Fans are more than eager for Wyatt to be kicked off the show for good.

“He makes me sick. He should have died the last time he overdosed #HAHN.”

“THANK YOU, I’m tired of looking at him 🤦🏽‍♂️.”

Others took issue with Wyatt’s negative wishes on his parents.

“Wyatt should be Hospitalized to Protect Him from Himself and Others Especially His Mother!🙏”

“That’s the drug talking I hope Wyatt don’t mean that.”


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