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Tim Wise Gets Rousing Applause For Calling Out White Folks on Their Lack of Empathy for Black Lives 

Anti-racism activist Tim Wise didn’t hold back in his rebuke of white Americans who criminalize “living while Black” by calling the police, knowing its potential to end badly.

Wise, a celebrated author and educator, appeared on MSNBC’s “Everyday Racism” Tuesday night to offer his thoughts on the string of high profile incidents where Black Americans had the cops called on them for performing ordinary everyday activities, like waiting for a friend at Starbucks or barbecuing in a local park.

“…White America has been raised to believe that the cops are always the good guys and frankly that Black lives matter less than white comfort,” Wise argued, drawing deafening applause from the audience.

Speaking to fellow panelists, the writer proceeded to blast white America’s justification for calling the police and noted the tragic demise of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was playing with a toy gun before police gunned him down.

“[It’s] something that white boys do all across this country without fear of getting shot,” he said. “And that’s a national story; you can’t tell me you didn’t know that happened … When you know that’s what happens (and you still call the cops), what you are saying is that ‘my discomfort with you right now is worth more than the potential that your life can be snuffed in 10 minutes.’ ”

“Until that stops, nothing is going to change.”

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