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Husband Paralyzed After Taking a Bullet For His Wife Would Do It Again In a Heartbeat

A couple booked a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico to celebrate their union, but events soon took a turn for the worst when a husband was shot and left paralyzed from the neck down.

34-year-old Kendric Tyler protected his wife Kenyada from a possible fatal shooting after robbers confronted the couple at a park in San Juan on May 1.

“The guy hops off the moped and as he got closer, we realized he had a gun,” Kenyada told Fox5 as she sat by her husband’s bedside at Augusta Medical Center.

Kenyada’s husband struggled with the robber after he demanded money. During the struggle, one shot was fired.

“He stepped in front of me and he caught the bullet… It pierced his shoulder and his spine. I rolled him over and there was blood all over the ground,” the newlywed said. Kendric has zero regrets about protecting his wife telling the reporter, “that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

The bullet severed his spine causing paralysis. The Tylers refuse to accept the medical diagnosis. By faith, Kendric has been able to move a finger, a toe and even lift his leg.

“I have faith in God. I know he’s going to pull me through this,” said the officer.

After hearing the couple’s tragic story and watching the video of Kendric’s physical therapy videos posted on Kenyada’s social media page, supporters have launched a GoFundMe page. The couple has raised just over $36K so far.

The Tylers married last year in 2017 and chose to celebrate their one year anniversary on a 7-day cruise to Puerto Rico. They want people to know that it’s extremely important to do your research before traveling. The couple learned after the shooting, that the park they were in was a targeted area for robbers looking for tourists.

“People need to find out if it’s safe at night and if it’s safe during the day and what the crime has been like in the area. I don’t think this would have happened if we hadn’t been in that area and we would have been in that particular area at 10:30 at night if we had done our research,” said Kenyada.

The couple plan on transferring Kendric to Shepard Center in Atlanta.

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