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TMZ Host Gets Into It with Comedian for Saying N-Word to His Face

Van Lathan Josh Denny


The comedian Josh Denny, who said the term “straight white male is this century’s new n-word,” got into a back and forth with TMZ’s Van Lathan.

Lathan is the same person who took Kanye West to task earlier this month when the rapper said slavery was a choice.

Recently, Lathan had Denny as a guest on his podcast “The Red Pill” and while he told a story, Denny repeatedly used the n-word, which sparked the tense exchange.

“If you listen to my album, there’s a joke in there where I talk about how my father made a racist joke to me and my girlfriend. ‘At least your girlfriend is only sand n–ger and not all the way n–ger,’” said the comedian, who’s also hosted the Food Network series “Ginormous Food.”

“I know the joke makes you uncomfortable,” Denny continued. “The reason why the language is important to this joke is because it is uncomfortable. “

He then went on with the story and used the n-word again, but this time Latham stopped him cold.

“Let me ask you a question,” said the TMZ host. “Why would you say that again if I told you it made me uncomfortable?”

Denny then explained that he uses the word to transport people to a place of discomfort, which Lathan said wasn’t his call to make.

“I told you I didn’t want to go [to that place of discomfort],” he explained.

Afterwards, people thanked Lathan for schooling the comedian and said he was extremely patient with him.

“I am amazed at your composure during this conversation,” one person wrote.

“Your professionalism, the conviction in your tone, while checking Denny on continuing his usage of the n-word after you asked him not to? I applaud you sir,” wrote another.

Denny also took to his Twitter page and thanked Lathan for inviting him on the podcast, which sparked even more comments. You can check out some of those reactions below. 


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