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Comedian Gets Blasted for Saying ‘Straight White Male’ Is ‘This Century’s N-word’

Racist joke

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Comedian Josh Denny drew the ire of a Jordan Peele-affiliated filmmaker Friday when he claimed that the phrase “straight white male” is just as potent of a slur as the n-word.

“’Straight White Male’ has become this century’s N-Word,” Denny tweeted May 18. “It’s used to offend and diminish the recipient based on assumption and bias. No difference in the usage.”

Not long after the post went up, Matthew A. Cherry posted screenshots of the “Ginormous Food” host’s tweet. Cherry also posted screenshots of tone-deaf jokes dating back to 2012 and 2014 regarding things like baseball team names and Instagram.

Racist joke Racist joke Racist joke

In response, several people — including — eviscerated Denny. Others called on Food Network to fire him, although Denny later tweeted he hasn’t had the job on “Ginormous Food” in “almost a year.”

Still, Denny explained his reasoning. Following his “straight white male” tweet.

“My point is, when you call someone this in conversation — you know exactly what you’re doing: attempting to devalue their POV based on negative cultural stereotypes. That’s racism,” he tweeted. “Saying ‘my label for you invalidates your opinion or your place in society’ is literally what Dr. King fought against.”

However, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s daughter shut down the comic’s remark about the civil rights icon.

Denny only regretted saying there was “no difference in the usage” of “straight white male” and the N-word.


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