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The Reason Jenifer Lewis No Longer Doubts Bill Cosby Accusers: ‘There’s Some S*** You Can’t Fake’

Comedian Jenifer Lewis has a story that’s anything but funny regarding America’s Dad Bill Cosby. The “Black-ish” star discussed an encounter with a woman who said the veteran comic raped her and like many people in the 1990s, she initially doubted the claim.

Lewis explained she was in New York about to audition when she started chatting with a thin, red-haired woman.

“I said, ‘And next week I’m doing the ‘Cosby’ show,'” she says on “The Breakfast Club” Tuesday, May 15. “And I didn’t hear her say anything because we’d been laughing at everything. So I turned around and when I tell you this girl turned red … her whole s— had changed, had reversed in a second, just from hearing his name.”

When Lewis asked the woman what was the matter, she remained silent and looked afraid before saying Cosby, who was recently found guilty of another sexual assault, had raped her. Lewis, who noted the comic was revered in 1996, when she appeared on “Cosby,” said she thought the “pretty little thing” had slept with the star to get a gig. Or, that the woman had been angry about not getting a job.

“Well, oops,” Lewis says. “And here, now, these many years later. I mean, let me tell you something. There’s some s— you can’t fake. Now, why would this child roll up and say some s— like that to me?”

Lewis admitted that Cosby didn’t “come for me” at first, but when she and a friend went to his dressing room after the show, he slapped her friend’s behind as they left the room. The two thought nothing of it because “we were kids.”

“And that’s all Imma say about that man because, once again, y’all, compassion,” the actress says. “I try not to hate anybody. But these sick pedophiles, these evil … it’s one thing to have a sex addiction, it’s another thing to be evil and take advantage of children. And all these men in power, you think they supposed to suck your d— because you got money?

“Stormy [Daniels] couldn’t have made that s— up,” she says of the porn star’s claims she met with Donald Trump for dinner several years ago and when he gloated about himself on a magazine cover, she spanked him with it.

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