Nick Cannon Blasted for Saying Slavery Could Have Been Avoided Without Guns


Self-proclaimed gun owner Nick Cannon has a theory about why Black people were able to be enslaved.

On the heels of Kanye West igniting criticism over remarks about slavery sounding “like a choice” Black people made for four centuries, Cannon said guns contributed to the success of the enslavement of Africans.

“When the physical species of … the Neanderthals or the people in Africa who were just genetically stronger in many different ways, whether it’s through the melanin in their skin, [are] able to withstand so much, they had never seen a f—ing gun before,” he explains to Vlad TV Friday, May 11. “And so, if it wasn’t for guns, there would be no slavery because in that sense of these people came over with guns. They was like, ‘Oh I’ll f— you up!’ until you saw this mother f—er shot me, he must be some kinda god, I gotta listen to whatever this white man says.”

Cannon added he owns guns because he believes all people should have an equal footing when it comes to arming themselves.

“If you got an AR-15 goddammit I want the right to be able to buy one of those, too,” he says. “Now, if you don’t, if you take all the AR-15s away, I’m cool with that too.”

And while folks aren’t tearing into the “Wild n Out” host as much as they did for West saying in part that slavery is “like we’re mentally in prison,” several viewers still didn’t back Cannon’s remarks.

“Slavery was around before the invention of guns,” someone commented. “This clown speaks as if it was just Blacks that was slaves. Slavery has been going on since the beginning of time.”

“This is another uneducated guess,” another said. “He sounds like Kanye. Slavery was going to happen regardeless. Damn, what happened to common sense?”

“How about slavery would not exist if Africans didn’t capture other Africans and sell them???” someone else reasoned.

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