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Texas Officer Body Slams Student Trying to Protect His Sister During a School Fight

A Texas high schooler was slammed to the ground and arrested by a sheriff’s deputy while attempting to stop his sister from fighting.

According to Click 2 Houston, William Jones, 17, had his hands behind his back as he was tackled to the ground at La Marque High School on Thursday morning. Jones claimed he was breaking up a fight between his sister and another girl before being singled out by the sheriff’s deputy who was working as a security officer at the school. “I’m just trying to prevent the next thing from happening to making things worse,” Jones said.

Jones’ mother Jarquetta Campbell said, “I got a phone call from my sister saying William (Jones) is being arrested.” She continued, “To see him handled like that, it hurt me as a mother. Him charging him and slamming him the way he did is unacceptable. Something has to be done.”

The sheriff’s office maintains Jones verbally threatened the officer which resulted in the bodyslam. However, an internal investigation has been launched to determine if the officer’s actions were appropriate.

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