Milwaukee Officers Walk Free After Tasing a Mentally Ill Man to Death 18 Times In the Shower


Two officers from the West Milwaukee Police Department busted down a mentally ill man’s door, tasered him to death and walk away free men.

Adam Trammell, 22, of West Milwaukee, Wisconsin died last year May 25, after being tasered countless times in his home according to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

A neighbor called authorities to report a “suspicious man” having a “psychotic break” after Trammell knocked on her door and was allegedly roaming around in the hallway naked talking about the devil, WISN reported.

Authorities arrived at the apartment complex (known for housing mentally-ill residents) where Trammel was staying around 5 a.m and instead of waiting a few minutes for the leasing employees to unlock the door, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Officers found the young man in the shower drinking a jug of water. Police claimed he was speaking unclearly and flooding the apartment with water. Disturbing Bodycam footage showed Officer Anthony Munoz trying to grab the confused 22-year-old, who pushed him away. Authorities then tased the victim who screamed in agony, fell back in the bathtub and laid still for minutes. Officer Rohleder pulled the trigger on his taser one more time while the wire-leads were still embedded in Trammell’s body. The officer told investigators “this was not an intentional deployment, but occurred spontaneously when the West Allis police asked him if the Taser wires were still connected,” according to Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm’s report.

Trammell suffered a black eye, a broken rib and several cuts and bruises, according to the medical examiner’s report. Authorities said, he stopped breathing and died at a local hospital. His cause of death was ruled as excited delirium and the means “undetermined” by the Milwaukee County medical examiner.

The victim’s father Larry Trammell (Photo: Gina Barton / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

The Trammell family said that Adam suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

“This is a nightmare. I can’t believe this,” Adam’s father, Larry Trammell said. “I think those people should resign. The D.A. and the chief of that police department.”

West Milwaukee Police Chief Dennis Nasci told WISN the two officers involved were initially placed on administrative duty for two months. However, District Attorney Chisholm announced on Friday that there was “no basis to conclusively link Mr. [Adam] Trammell’s death to actions taken by police officers.”

Mark Thomsen, the Trammell’s family attorney added that Adam “for no good reason” was “essentially tortured to death… That should not happen to the mentally ill in our community.”

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