Keri Hilson Sets the Record Straight ‘I’m Single By Choice’

Keri Hilson Relationships

Some might say that a lot of folks want to be in a relationship because they don’t know how to be alone and remain happy.

But not Keri Hilson because after she had two public break-ups, one with NBA star Serge Ibaka and former NFL player Ricardo Lockette, she’s not eager to be spoken for again. It’s something she recently conveyed on Instagram and seemed to be speaking to those who wonder why she’s still single. 

“I’m single by choice,” wrote Hilson. “I believe in reflecting, growing and healing in between relationships. I don’t Tarzan swing from vine to vine out of fear, loneliness, ego, or validation, ’cause I truly enjoy my life by myself too. I’m not waiting or looking. The right one will find me when it’s time. I’m just focused on being the best human I can be.”

Right away, people flooded Hilson’s page with comments.

“Well said,” someone wrote. “If more people think that way, there would be better relationships I think. You have to work on self before you can be any good to anyone else.”

“If more women felt like this and valued what they should in themselves, then they would not be so accepting of being side pieces and wouldn’t be staying with men that cheat,” another person tweeted.

As many are aware of, it’s been quite some time since Hilson released an album, eight years in fact. But even though she’s not releasing any songs about relationships, she’s been giving her opinions about them online.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, she questioned why a woman who endures a lot of drama is considered a keeper compared to one who doesn’t.

“It seems a lot of men are looking for the woman who can tolerate the most bulls–t,” Hilson tweeted. “God forbid she has a requirement for you to treat her right, listen to her, compromise, keep your promises and act on solutions … Oh no, you will not trample on my heart or feelings and keep me.”

And earlier this week, the singer revealed that a lot of white men have been approaching her online, much to her surprise and thanked them for shooting their shot.

With Hilson’s latest message about why she’s choosing to be single, you can see some more responses from her followers below.

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