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Starbucks’ Racial Bias Training Has Customers Whining About Missing a Day of Coffee: ‘Rare Accidents Happen’


Starbucks picket (Getty Images)

Starbucks has been under attack following the arrest of two Black men at its Philadelphia location. The company has decided to take the proper measures by closing the store for one day for racial bias training but not everyone is pleased with being inconvenienced.

The popular coffee shop recently released a public statement on their website and issued an apology to Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson for their arrest. Starbucks vowed to shut down 8,000 stores for 24-hours for training on racial discrimination. However, many white customers are complaining under the company’s social media accounts and don’t understand what the big deal is. Thankfully, Starbucks isn’t pulling any punches and are firing back with pointed responses.

Kevin Malone, a white Facebook user posted, “All this is a ploy to get media coverage and get them off their back. Why the HELL [sic] should Starbucks shut down for an entire day over the stupidity and ignorance of a couple people in one of their stores?”

Starbucks swiftly replied, “Because systemic racism and bias is bigger than one partner, one store or one company. We are shutting our stories for this training because we recognize that we have the responsibility to be part of the solution.”

Starbucks is not messing around. Shutting down racist left and right!**Edit: please stop sending me friend request. Also guys please stop sliding in my DM’s. I will block you immediately if you do.

Posted by Iris Muscarella on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

As the trolls continued to complain and exercise their privilege over the upcoming May 29. shut down, a Starbucks’ employee by the username Camel Mock Eye Toe blasted customers and individuals for their ignorance.

“So I work at Starbucks and I have already had 3 white women ask about the May 29 closing for racial bias training, saying how inconvenient it is. You know what is even more inconvenient to black people, Karen? Racial bias that gets them shot and killed for just existing.,” the person wrote.

(Camel Mock Eye Toe facebook page/ screenshot)

The company responded to more than a handful of comments and noted there was no just reason the police should have been called or for the Black men to be arrested.

“We want everyone to feel as comfortable and welcome in our stores … which is why we are committed to this training,” Starbucks responded to white trolls on their Facebook page.

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