White ‘Spy Kids’ Actor Apparently Thinks Growing Up In Motels Gives You Credibility to Voice Black Characters



The actor who voices a Black character on an upcoming Netflix kids cartoon says his whiteness doesn’t get in the way of the character’s authenticity.

Travis Turner, who voices PSI in “Spy Kids: Mission Critical,” which debuts Friday, April 20, told TMZ his upcoming music with the likes of Snoop Dogg helps give him a pass.

“I actually come from an urban background,” he says Tuesday, April 17. “I’ve lived in motels … what I’m trying to say is I relate to the urban community.”

Turner, who noted he grew up on comedians like Chris Rock who poked fun of race, went on to claim that social media is splitting the races.

Then, he gave a stereotypical impression of a Black person, which seemed to tease how PSI will speak.

“Yo, I won’t step foot in that club unless I can nae nae, you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout’?” he begins. “Is that [culturally] appropriate? And I get that. Honestly, if there was someone more suited for the role, then yes. But I will say this, it’s all love, much love … people can say whatever.”

As expected, Turner was promptly blasted online.

“I lived in motels so that makes me Black 😂😂😂😂😂,” a YouTube user wrote.

“It was fine until he said all that ‘urban’ s—-,” someone commented. “He made it way worse!”

“I relate to the urban community because I’ve lived in motels…. Wtf!?” another said.

“There are MANY Black actors looking for work @Netflix,” someone tweeted. “Why are you minstrel showing this?”

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