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Chicago Student Sacrifices Her Spring Break to Raise Money to Help Families In Need

A Chicago student raised money to help people in her community launder their clothes.

Jayera Griffin is an 8th-grade honor student that tutors other students at her school. During her tutoring sessions, Griffin noticed some of the students’ clothes “were not as clean” and they were often embarrassed by their dirty clothes. Griffin learned from her mother that the students’ clothing may be dirty because their parents can’t afford to wash their clothes at the laundromat.

It didn’t take long before Griffin sprung into action to help families in her community. The young student raised $1,000 to launch “Free Wash Day” during her spring break. She arrived at her local laundromat at 7 amĀ and stayed until 9 that evening. The event was so popular that others in the community began to chip in when her donation bucket was low. Griffin’s charitableness is also rubbing off on other business owners in the area who plan to work with her to host another free wash day. This time they’ll even throw in free haircuts.

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