Plies Says the System Is Tricking Black Men Into Killing Each Other

Plies Message Black Men


Usually, when Plies posts an Instagram video, his messages are filled with either humor, show footage or some sort of weird sexual advice. But this time he suspended the playful talk and spoke directly to Black men about not being taken under by the system.

The way Plies sees it, the powers that be depend on male Black on Black crime to get rid of two Black men simultaneously, the person who was ultimately killed and the one who committed the murderous act.

“I know this is super random, but something I just wanted to say this morning,” he said with a serious look on his face. “To all my brothers out there, listen man, we gotta stop killing each other. The reason I say that is, that’s the only time the system get to fool us, like our life got some value.”

“They get to get rid of two of us at one time,” added Plies. “The person that died, he outta there. The person that did the killing, they get to act like now life has some value in order to put him away to get rid of two of us at one time … They don’t give a damn about the person that died, for real. ‘Cause anybody else can kill us, and they ‘gon find 1,000 reasons of why we should’ve died.”

Right away, people flooded the rapper’s page with comments and thanked him for exchanging his usual humorous speak for a pertinent message.

“Plies, for real, f— every joke you ever made,” one person wrote. “This is the realist sh– you ever said. We are our biggest problem.”

Another said he wished more celebrities spoke on Black men killing each other instead of avoiding the subject altogether.

The “Goon Affiliated” rapper’s plea wasn’t enough and the Black community needs to get to the bottom of fratricide said another commenter.  

“I agree, but there will always be a brother who’s jealous and envy the next because of material things, money or a certain position the next brother is in,” the guy wrote. “We must find the root of the problem, because just telling a Black brother to stop killing the next doesn’t makes sense when they’re brainwashed and don’t understand. And the enemy doesn’t have a color.”

At the end of Plies’ message, he encouraged Black men to continue the discussion of staying alive and keeping out of prison. He also said it’s useless to wait around for others to help.

“We need to stop waiting on the system to fix something for us, ’cause that ain’t gonna happen,” he stated. “The laws weren’t written by us, so that means they weren’t written for us. They was written for us to break them. But to all my brothers out there, listen man, we got to stop killing each other.”

You can read more comments from Plies’ followers below.

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