Beyonce Teams Up with Gucci to Provide Clean Water for Over 100,000 Women and Children in Burundi

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Beyoncé often gives back in a major way, and this time she teamed up with Gucci to bring a change in Africa.

In Burundi, a larger chunk of the population does not have access to clean water for bathing and drinking. Beyonce’s organization BeyGOOD teams up with Gucci, Chime for Change, and UNICEF to bring clean water. These organizations put $85 million to build 80 wells in the community of Burundi to provide water to over 100,000 women and children.

Last year, BeyGOOD launched the BeyGOOD 4 Burundi multi-year commitment to improve the accessibility to clean water in the country. At the time, just about half the people of the community were unable to have access to clean water. Now this year Bey and her team has started the second phase of their initiative.

Parkwood Entertainment’s Director of Philanthropy and Corporate Relations, Ivy McGregor told Essence, “There are hospitals today in Burundi where women have babies and there’s no running water. Let’s just pause and think about that for a second. Can you imagine? So, through this million-dollar commitment that Gucci has made, we will not only be digging more waterholes for the wells, but we will be ensuring that hospitals have water and that schools have water.”



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