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Ne-Yo Calls Out Men Who Cheat and Message Backfires

Ne-Yo Cheating


Ne-Yo recently sent a tweet that’s sparked some major debate, and it has to do with men being faithful to their woman. In fact, according to the singer, these days it’s become cool for men to cheat on their spouse or girlfriend, and things need to go back to the way they used to be.

“We gotta make being faithful to one woman cool again like ’90s R&B songs,” he wrote. “That kind of love needs to come back, ‘cause this grown boy stuff is corny.”

While it seems Ne-Yo was trying to start a positive conversation, his plans backfired because people accused him of cheating on the mother of his two children Monyetta Shaw. At the time, the singer was also accused of asking Shaw to tie her tubes, because he didn’t want anymore children. 

“I’ve also never forced a woman to do anything ever in my life,” wrote the 38-year-old. “And so for the last time, I did not force anyone to tie their tubes. I did not leave the mother of my first two children for my current wife. I didn’t even meet my wife until a year and a half later and the mother of my first two children split up.”

Ne-Yo’s explanation didn’t stop the criticism, however and even the comedian Lil Duval weighed in with some choice words. 

“He just trying to sell his next album and ya’ll h— falling for it,” wrote Duval.

Ne-Yo dropped his single “Good Man” in early February, which is also the name of his forthcoming LP, so some many agreed with the stand-up comic.

Eventually, the R&B star responded and said Duval is the exact kind of person that he referred to in his post when she wrote “Lil’ boy.” 

“And somebody tell @lilduval to sit his literal grown boy ass down somewhere,” he wrote. “You don’t know me or my plight. I don’t ever have to sell another record ever again in this life and my family still eats well. Don’t sh– on the message because you still wanna be a lil’ boy. That’s your choice.”

You can read Ne-Yo’s original post below, as well as a follow-up message that he shared after the backlash came.

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I’m sayin’….#GoodManSeason

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