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Man Sentenced to 2 Years In Prison After Making Violent Threats to Nursing Home Staff

Georgia Man Terrorist Threats

John Wallace will serve two years in jail and the rest of his sentence on probation for threatening to kill staff at a Georgia nursing facility. (Image courtesy of the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office)

A Georgia man will spend two years behind bars for a series of violent threats he made to staff at a local nursing facility after the loss of his sister.

John Wallace entered the Signature Healthcare facility on April 21, 2017 in a rage, claiming nurses were somehow responsible for his sister’s death, CBS46 reported.

“I will kill you, I will come with a gun and shoot you all,” Wallace shouted while pointing at five employees and trying to force his way into the nurse’s station.

Nurses who managed to flee the facility quickly notified police of the angry man. Several who ran outside said they mistook Wallace’s loud banging on the counter and on nurse’s carts for gunfire, according to the station.

Police eventually caught up with Wallace near Kennestone Hospital where he was arrested. Authorities said the man continued his threats even after being placed in the patrol car.

At trial, he denied ever threatening anyone and instead, accused the nurse staff of conspiring against him. The jury wasn’t buying it, however.

On March 16, Wallace was convicted on five counts of terrorist threats and sentenced to 10 years in total. He’ll spend two years in custody and the remainder of his time on probation.

According to a Cobb County judge, Wallace may also be deported to his native Liberia following his release.

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