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Student Flips the Script on College, Sues Them for Not Considering His Mental Disability During His Racist Outburst

Racist White Student

Fox News (Orange County District Attorney’s Office)

A former student attending Orange Coast College in southern California allegedly carved swastikas and racial slurs onto school campus security vehicles and is now filing a lawsuit against the college, claiming discrimination because of his mental disability.

22-year-old Robert McDougal, has been accused of vandalizing the vehicles which led to his suspension of two years by the college for disrupting classes and yelling racial dialect at the security guard according to the Orange County Register.

The college is alleging that McDougal’s experiences with faculty members and security have been “erratic and aggressive”, causing it to order a workplace-violence restraining order against the suspect.

The 22-year-old’s lawsuit discloses his autism diagnosis adding that he’d been “excelling academically.” The report states that McDougal was jostled around by security guards when he tried to re-take an exam. It also claims the college consistently harassed the former student because of his disabilities and escalated to “irreparable” harm to his “image and reputation”, reported by the Times.

McDougal is alleging negligence, emotional distress, assault, battery and false imprisonment against Coast Community College District.

He is scheduled to appear in court for his felony vandalism and misdemeanor charges on March 16.

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