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‘Stop Blaming White People’ Sign Causes Stir in N.J. Community, Prompts Investigation

Racis Pos Office Sign

A U.S. Postal Service official said he sign was posted sometime last Thursday, but promptly removed. (Image courtesy of

A brightly colored sign declaring March “Stop Blaming White People Month!” has drawn the ire of locals in a New Jersey community, prompting an investigation to determine who posted it.

“March is national stop blaming white people month!” the sign read in is entirety. “Accept responsibility for your own bad choices. Hug a white person!”

USPS Postal Inspector Greg Kliemisch said the sign was posted sometime Thursday, March 1, at a post office location in Fleming and promptly removed after employees discovered it. Speaking with, Kliemisch said the posting of signs, offensive or not, is strictly prohibited. He was unable to confirm whether the location had cameras outside to capture the incident, however.

Councilwoman Betsy Driver was among those angered by the sign, taking to Facebook to voice her frustration.

“Racism in our town exists, and the racists have been emboldened in the past year to fly their hateful flags a bit higher and yell a bit louder,” Driver wrote, adding that racism is no laughing matter.”

“The fact that somebody even put the sign up is just sad and not a reflection of our town,” she added.

On Friday, Kliemisch said the investigation was still in is “early stages.” It’s unclear what  consequences the person(s) who posted the sign could face if caught, according to the news site.

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