Fans Are Up In Arms Over Unsubstantiated Report That Tiffany Haddish Landed $800K Netflix Deal

Nearly a week after Tiffany Haddish clarified that she was offered a Netflix deal before Mo’Nique’s issues with the company went public, one person claims the “Girls Trip” star was only given $300,000 more than what Mo’Nique was offered.

“Netflix gave Tiffany Haddish 800k,” tweeted New York-based writer Myles E. Johnson Tuesday, Feb. 27. “Can’t wait for the excuses and moving finish lines now,” he added in a separate tweet.

Haddish does have a new Netflix animated series, called “Tuca and Bertie,” which received a 10-episode order according to Variety. Haddish will play a 30-year-old toucan named Tuca, who is cocky, care-free and resides in the same apartment building as Bertie, also 30, who is a daydreaming and anxious songbird.

The numbers on her deal have not been revealed by the company and Atlanta Black Star has reached out to Netflix for confirmation.

Even still, Twitter users were not very happy over the alleged payout.

“Netflix paid Tiffany Haddish (one of the most relevant and culturally popular comedians right now) only $800k. Mo’Nique was f—— RIGHT while y’all were being cute,” tweeted writer Phillip Henry hours after Johnson. “Black women are underpaid. Mo’Nique said it. Viola Davis said it. How many Black Women have to tell you before you listen and believe them instead of cracking jokes at their expense for RTs and trying to justify their marginalization?”

“Tiffany Haddish is arguably one of the most in-demand comedians at the moment and Netflix only gave her 800K? Mo’Nique told NO lies,” someone else tweeted.

“Y’all say that Mo’Nique is not currently in high demand and that’s why she was offered 500k for her Netflix special,” another user said. “Tiffany Haddish is currently in HIGH demand and was only offered 800k from Netflix, now the narrative is, ‘She must pay her dues.’ HAHA ALRIGHT.”

Mo’Nique came forward in January calling folks to boycott Netflix over “gender bias” and “color bias” when it offered her just $500,000 compared to the multi-million dollar deals secured by her comedy peers.

Even still, some aren’t convinced about the $800,000 Haddish offer.

“Source?” two users tweeted at Johnson.

“Nobody has or has been able to verify that Tiffany Haddish got 800k from Netflix yet y’all running with it as fact lol that don’t sound iffy to y’all?” a Twitter user tweeted separately.

“Still ain’t seen an article on Tiffany Haddish getting 800K from Netflix but keep arguing for the sake of Twitter please,” said another.

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