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Wendy Williams Gets a Dose of Her Own Medicine As She Becomes a ‘Hot Topic’

The 53-year-old talk show host returned to the “Wendy Williams Show” on Monday (Feb. 19) after canceling the show for three days due to flu-like symptoms.

Williams admitted she felt better and that she was no longer “under the weather.” She issued an apology to those who had tickets for the respective days.

The “Wendy” show host confessed to being followed by paparazzi while she was recovering.

“Papparazzi was outside our home… And outside the doctor’s office”, she exclaimed. “That’s when it gets weird because I’m the ‘Hot Topics’ woman I don’t wanna be your hot topic.”

Williams revealed that it’s weird to get a taste of her own medicine. It’s very strange being on that side of the lens like dumb booger runs from behind a car. The clicks…” The talk show host pauses for a brief minute and looks down and says, “You don’t know until you experience it.”

This is the second health scare for the host in as many months. In October the host fell out on the show from what she described as being overheated in her costume.

Williams posted a photo on Instagram Friday thanking all of her fans and staff members for their support.

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