8 Nineties’ Jams You Had No Business Singing In Your Youth


O.P.P. x Naughty by Nature (1991)
Although cryptic, Naughty by Nature left little to the imagination with this one: “…O is for ‘other,’ P is for ‘peoples’, scratch your temple / The last P, well that’s not that simple / It’s sort of like, well, another  way to call a cat a kitten / It’s five little letter’s that are missing here.”

Poison x Bell Biv DeVoe (1990)
BBD’s breakout song was not all that racy, until they got to the part where they revealed they were all smashing the same girl: “The low pro ho she’ll be cut like an aaa-FRO / See what you’re sayin’, huh, she’s a winner to you / But she’s a loser (How do you know?) / Me and the crew used to do her.”

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