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Report: Erica Garner Has Major Brain Damage Following Cardiac Arrest

Erica Garner heart attack

Erica Garner led a protest following a grand jury’s decision not to indict the officer who choked her father, Eric Garner, who ultimately died. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Erica Garner, the daughter of police brutality victim Eric Garner, has suffered major brain damage as a result of her cardiac arrest on Saturday, Dec. 23. Posts from her official Twitter account have been updating followers on her condition.

Earlier, the account said there had been no updates on Garner’s health and urged well-wishers to hold off on donations.

Garner had been placed in a medically induced coma after suffering her second heart attack since August. The issue was triggered by an asthma attack, according to the New York Daily News.

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Since then, messages of support and concern have poured out online, with even more springing up in light of the most recent news.

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