Brazilian Distributor Says It Used ‘Black Is Beautiful’ In Toilet Paper Ad for Color’s ‘Luxury and Refinement’

brazilian toilet paper

A Brazilian toilet paper company has issued a statement about their controversial ad. (Santher)

A Brazilian toilet paper advertisement has been amended because of a controversy. Santher, a paper distributor in São Paulo, launched the Personal VIP Black brand of tissue Monday, Oct. 23, according to The Guardian. Backlash swiftly followed the ad, which included a Brazilian actress Marina Ruy Barbosa — wrapped in black colored toilet paper.

“Black Is Beautiful,” the ad said.

In a statement issued Tuesday on its website, Santher said it sought the black color of the paper because the hue was “considered [an] icon of style, luxury and refinement.”

“In this way, the company announces that the slogan has already been withdrawn from the campaign, in addition to apologizing for the mistaken assumption of the phrase adopted [by] the Black movement, which we both respect and love.”

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Many accused the campaign of taking over the #BlackIsBeautiful campaign, which is a movement that begun in the 1960s to praise Blackness.

“The color of the paper is not the problem,” one user said. “The advertising used ‘Black is beautiful’ slogan, which was a ‘S—‘ and Santher can f— themselves.”

“It’s not the color of the paper, my dear,” someone else said. “It is the expression of a 1960s movement to fight racism in an ass paper propaganda.”

“Do you have any idea what the phrase ‘Black is Beautiful’ meant in the ’60s?” another asked. “I don’t blame you. The issue is not black colored paper. Research.”

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