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Twitter Users Give Lonzo Ball An Education On Hip-Hop After He Claims Nas Isn’t ‘Real Hip-Hop’

Someone come get Lonzo Ball.

The 19-year-old championed by overzealous dad LaVar Ball has worked the nerves of Twitter users for claiming Nas isn’t a factor when it comes to hip-hop.

“Y’all outdated, man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas no more,” Lonzo says on the Ball family’s new Facebook reality series, “Ball In The Family.” “Real hip-hop is Migos and Future.”

Now, Ball may be a Los Angeles Laker, but his hip-hop knowledge is severely lacking. He may get cut some slack since he’s only 19 years old, but true hip-hop heads know about the greats — regardless of their age.

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Immediately, Twitter users held nothing back when it came to criticising Lonzo Ball.

Some folks, however, felt Ball kinda had a point.

Still, Ball has an idea of who some of the rap icons are and included them on a 2016 list of his favorite MCs. But he still had Future on the list, much to Twitter user’s chagrin.

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