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Black In Brazil: Alleged Cop Pulls Gun On Black Man for Seemingly No Reason at Subway Restaurant

Security footage released over the weekend shows the frightening interaction between two customers at a Subway restaurant in Brazil on Aug. 19.

The video, just four minutes long, shows an alleged police officer with his wife and child standing at the front counter when a Black man sporting a light blue hoodie and shades enters the restaurant and gets in line behind them.

That’s when the supposed policeman hands his daughter over to his wife and and keeps a watchful eye on the Black man. A few moments later, he draws his gun and searches and questions the man for several minutes.

The “officer” eventually lets the young man go place his order after confirming he was not armed. The policeman is still carefully watching the man as he orders.

At the conclusion of the video, the Black man ultimately cancels his food request and exits the restaurant.

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