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Better Than an Apple Any Day: Atlantic Station Spa Offering Discount Services to Teachers, Other Educators

Spa 810 offers a variety of luxury services, including massages, facials and laser hair removal. (Image courtesy of Nicole D. Smith)

Summer is over, but Atlanta-area educators still have a chance to relax and rejuvenate before the school year gets started, thanks to a special teacher’s appreciation event by Spa810 at Atlantic Station.

From Aug. 10 through Sept. 8, Spa810 will provide $8.10 massages to the first 81 teachers who book an appointment for the special promotion. From traditional Swedish massages to hot stone therapy, educators have a plethora of luxury services to choose from as a part of Spa810 Day. Teachers also have the option of booking both a massage and a facial for just $81.

“My mom was an educator, [and] she worked in the same school district for 33 years,” said Spa810 director Nicole D. Smith. “So, her whole career was around education, and I totally understand how it is to be a working mom or a working educator, and having a family and the stress that it comes with it. So, we decided that it’s that time of year, back to school … and I wanted to find a way to give back to the community — in particular our teachers.”

The spa, which opened in February, welcomes all teachers, principals, teaching assistants and school administrative staff to enjoy a 60-minute massage that is sure to reinvigorate their spirits and help them start the school year off on the right foot. Other special invited guests include members of Atlanta’s Board of Education, the Georgia Dept. of Education and the University System of Georgia, according to a press release.

Nicole D. Smith, director of Spa 810 Atlantic Station. (Image courtesy of Nicole D. Smith)

Smith said the luxury spa franchise has a national Spa810 Day, but this was her first time hosting the special event in honor of teachers.

“Nationally, they’ve done [Spa]810 Day before, but I took it a step further trying to find another way to celebrate and work with my community also,” she explained. “So this was my idea.”

In a city like Atlanta where the medspa market is heavily saturated, Smith said what makes Spa810 unique from all the others is the technological services it offers, specifically when it comes to deep cleansing HydraFacials and laser hair removal treatment.

“What’s different about ours is that it works on women of color,” Smith said. “Before, it had been more for fair-skinned, dark hair [people], but I’ve tried it and I’ve had guests of color that enjoy our laser. And it really doesn’t hurt as much as it used to; it’s virtually pain free. But before it was kind of a zapping … it felt more like you were being Tased.”

The spa owner also highlighted some of the business’ take-home and in-house product lines, which includes SkinCeuticals, Eminence and Ila skin care.

“We offer really quality products right in that mid-range price point,” Smith said. “So, it’s affordable. And we also offer memberships where if you really wanted to maintain it, every month you can pay [for those services.]”

When asked why she took the franchise route in regard to owning her own business, Smith said she wanted to open a spa after leaving corporate America after over 20 years. But she didn’t quite know how. She explained that the roadblocks to something you are not familiar with are much harder to clear if there isn’t a standard already set in place. So, she jumped head first into the spa-owning business, becoming the first Spa810 franchisee in the state of Georgia.

(Image courtesy of Nicole D. Smith)

“Believe it or not, for most processes and products, or even services, there is a franchise for it,’ Smith explained. “And most people do not know that because everybody thinks they have to come up with the idea themselves, and then they have to build it — but with the franchise, you actually get the blueprint of how to build out, how to find a location.”

“Some of the things that are challenging, like getting your business license, they kind of help guide you through that process,” she added. “That’s what I found to be very helpful for someone that didn’t have that industry experience to do something I was passionate about.”

According to a press release, the spa owner has plans to expand to three more locations in the metro Atlanta area. With the Atlantic Station location open seven days a week and servicing about 10 clients each day, Smith said she hopes to increase foot traffic into the spa, especially as they push to get the word out about the laser hair removal services.

Smith also noted that the salon can accommodate several guests at a time and even hosts group events. Clients are advised to book their appointments at least a week in advance.

“Come one, come all,” Smith said, “because everybody needs to be pampered.”

For more information about Spa810 or to book your appointment, please visit

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