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After Posing as a Black Man to Get into Medical School, Mindy Kaling’s Brother Wants Trump to End ‘Racist’ Affirmative Action

The brother of famed actress and comedienne Mindy Kaling isn’t a fan of affirmative action and said he hopes President Donald Trump will finally put an end to the “racist” practice.

Speaking with CNN’s Michael Smerconish on Saturday, Aug. 5, Vijay Chokal-Ingam shared his pro-Trump sentiments regarding affirmative action policies at colleges and universities. Ironically, Chokal-Ingam also detailed how he faked being Black in order to get accepted to medical school.

“I shaved my head, I trimmed my eyelashes and I decided to join the organization of Black students so I could apply to medical school as a Black man,” he explained. “I also used my middle name ‘JoJo’ [and] subsequently interviewed at medical schools across the country.”

Chokal-Ingam said pretending to be Black managed to get him wait-listed at Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania, and accepted into the St. Louis University School of Medicine, despite his “pitiful 3.1 GPA.” He discussed his experience in his 2015 book “Almost Black.”

He went on to argue that universities like Harvard that boast increased minority student statistics are biased because of a so-called “Pocahontas effect” and referenced the 2016 Supreme Court case Fisher v. the University of Texas, where a white woman alleged she wasn’t accepted into the University of Texas because of her race. The justices ultimately ruled to uphold the college’s affirmative action policy, and determined that the woman’s below-average grades were the reason for her rejection — not affirmative action.

“I believe that President Trump, by appointing conservative anti-affirmative action justices and using the Justice Department to go after the colleges and universities, I believe that he will end affirmative action like Lincoln ended slavery,” said Chokcal-Ingam, who is Indian-American. Doing this “could effectively force the universities to end their racist affirmative action policies by [taking away] their federal funding.”

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