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Mike Conely Has Humorous Reaction to People Implying His Baby Is Too White to be His

Mikey Conley has been married to his wife, Mary, since 2014.
(Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Biracial children can be born with skin tones that are vastly different from their parents, but one group of Twitter users may not have been aware of that while crafting a post about the son of Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley.

The Turf Talk Boys account posted a photo Tuesday, July 18, of Conley with his wife, Mary, and their toddler son, Myles Alex, claiming the child was born as a result of Mary cheating on her husband.

A flood of reactions buying into the tweet followed.

While such a mockery may have left other people upset, Conley responded by humorously comparing the incident to an episode of “Maury,” where talk show guests learn the paternity of their children. Jokes aside, Conley also maintained Myles was indeed his son in a scrolling Instagram post Thursday, July 20.

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