Tory Lanez Still Trying to Logically Explain Why He Spent $35K In a Store He Says Discriminated Against Him

Tory Lanez is setting the record straight about what really happened when he visited a luxury store and dropped $35,000 after a clerk apparently discriminated against him.

The rapper says he believes his sweatpants made a white store associate at Canadian department store Holt Renfrew “play me like I was broke,” as he said in a June 11 video of the encounter.

“The thing about it is, we were going to the store to spend $35K regardless,” Lanez says before he took the stage at Hot 97 Summer Jam, backing up his now-deleted Twitter responses. “We were going to shop. At the end of the day, I like to get fly, I love to dress — I don’t have a stylist, I dress myself I got out and shop myself. So, when we walked in the store, the dude looked at us and he just kinda turned around he didn’t expect us — ’cause I was in sweats I was looking real … you know what I mean, I just had the bag on me, that’s all.

“It wasn’t that we spent money to get at him, ’cause of course the store’s still gon’ get the bread,” he says. “The fact of the matter was we gave the store credit to somebody else … So, the $35K went to somebody else.”

Lanez added that he caught the associate on camera in hopes that he won’t discriminate against other customers based on their appearance. He confirmed in a since-deleted tweet that the clerk who got the sale commission was Black.

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