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Comedian Tries to Enter Fray Over Controversial Boosie Prison Sex Story

Rapper Boosie has been accused of homophobia after he shared his reaction to witnessing gay sex in jail, and comedian Jay Mohr gave his two cents’ worth by focusing on the artist’s use of the n-word.

Boosie was incarcerated at Louisiana State Penitentiary from 2009 to 2014 and an Instagram Live video posted Tuesday, June 6, drew varied reactions.

“I said, ‘Man, I wanna go home, man. F— that! I wanna go home, man,'” Boosie said after he walked in on the men. “I got to calling lawyers for all kinds of bonds. That s— f—– my head up.”

He concluded by saying the men having sex were “sick” and “nasty.”

Mohr, in an apparent trolling manner, zeroed in on Boosie’s use of the n-word.

Twitter users swiftly took aim at Mohr for having the gall to use the n-word.

Mohr also predicted his tweet would get “twisted.”

In response to Boosie, some thought his reaction was homophobic.

Others disagreed.

Several posted humorous responses.

Although Boosie has openly condemned homosexuality in the past, some questioned if he was heterosexual.


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