6 Successful Farms Promoting the Resurgence of Black Agrarians


Metro Atlanta Urban Farm In College Park, Ga.:
This 5-acre farm is located in the heart of College Park and serves as the city’s only fresh farmer’s market. Born out of a need to abolish food insecurity in the local community, MAUF offers overĀ 25 naturally grown crops in the warm and cool seasons, including okra, tomatoes and greens. The farm has the capacity to serve about 100 people a day and offers a program giving low-income families $20 worth of produce for just $10. In addition, farm owner Bobby Wilson said members have helped introduce more than 5,000 kids to locally grown food and agriculture.

“As we began the plans for our farm, we realized that the people we intended to serve needed to know us,” the farm’s website states. “They needed to have faith and trust that the produce we provided would be of the highest quality and know that price does not always dictate quality.”


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