Whoopi Issues Humorous Warning Regarding Kellyanne Conway’s Spying Comments

Kellyanne Conway’s claim that microwaves house cameras to spy on the public has provided hilarious fodder for “The View” co-hosts to poke fun at President Donald Trump’s senior adviser.

“She wants you to watch what you say when you’re microwaving your popcorn,” Whoopi Goldberg said on the Monday, March 13, show. “Because as the deadline arrives for [Trump] to give evidence that his phones were actually tapped by [former] President Obama, she is claiming spying goes way beyond your phone.”

When asked about the claims of wiretapping in the Trump Tower, Conway seemed to cite a report about the CIA invading American’s privacy by hacking into household appliances.

“There was an article this week talking about how you can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways,” Conway told The Bergen Record Sunday, March 12. “And microwaves that turn into cameras, etc. So, we know that is just a fact of modern life.”

“You know, I think my dishwasher called me a b—- the other day,” Joy Behar joked.

Prosecutor Sunny Hostin noted that she is knowledgeable about wiretapping but in her training with the FBI, “We didn’t learn about microwaves on our warrants.”

Sara Haines said the more Trump’s administration doubles down on claims about Obama’s supposed wiretapping, the more time the government is wasting on an investigation, which Hostin noted Trump has yet to provide evidence for.

“Everyone knows only ghosts come through your TV,” Haines joked. “Poltergeist, c’mon.”

“There’s [sic] people who have legitimate privacy concerns,” Jedediah Bila said. “Don’t bring that issue into this one because these are two separate issues.”

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