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Sheryl Underwood Defends George Lopez Against Racism Allegations

Comedienne Sheryl Underwood went to bat for longtime friend George Lopez as critics ripped him to shreds for tossing a Black heckler at a recent comedy show.

Underwood and the other co-hosts of “The Talk” were not fazed by the recent backlash Lopez received after the Feb. 4 show in Phoenix, Ariz. The comedienne said she would have interacted with the woman. “I would have said, ‘B—-, that’s why nobody’s going to marry you cause you talking in my show,” Underwood says.

The women of “The Talk” said during the Wednesday, Feb. 8 telecast that Lopez was a dear friend to the show and co-host Aisha Tyler even praised him for helping her and Underwood establish their careers.

“See, that is why we don’t want to be recorded inside of the venue,” Underwood says. “Because if you just look at the outside in, you think, ‘Oh, he’s attacking this Black woman,’ but once you throw up the bird twice and you are in the first few rows, you have now inserted yourself into the show and it depends on the mood of the comic on how they handle it.”

During Saturday’s show, Lopez exchanged obscenities with a woman who was offended by a racially charged joke. “There’s still two rules in the f–king Latino family,” Lopez said. “Don’t marry somebody Black and don’t park in front of our house.”

Lopez called the woman a b—h and told her to sit down several times. “You paid to see a show, sit your a– down,” he said. “[If] you can’t take a joke, you’re at the wrong m—-rf—–g place. Sit your f—–g a– down or get the f–k out of here.”

Underwood defended the action. “When you come into the venue, you have to expect what happens in the house,” she says. “He who holds the mic or she who holds the mic runs the house.”

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