Jim Brown Dismisses Rep. John Lewis’ Grievances About Trump to ‘Crying the Blues’

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown has interjected himself in the ongoing feud between Rep. John Lewis of Georgia and President-elect Donald Trump, claiming Lewis is “crying the blues” by calling into question Trump’s legitimacy.

While appearing on “CNN Newsroom with Carol Costello” Wednesday, Jan. 18, Brown said he was offended by Lewis’ recent statements about Trump.

“I am glad you asked me about that,” Brown says. “John Lewis has a great history as a civil rights fighter. As a young man, he was one of those guys out there leading the parade during the King era. So, we all respect his history. But, when I hear him cry the blues about Mr. Trump and saying that it is an illegitimate presidency, I take offense to that.”

Lewis told host Chuck Todd on the Sunday, Jan. 15 edition of NBC‘s “Meet The Press,” that he believed that Trump is not a legitimate president. The senior congressman cited recent reports from the intelligence community alleging that the Russian government interfered with the 2016 presidential election to tip the odds in Trump’s favor.

Brown, who supported Hillary Clinton, was one of a few Black celebs to meet with Trump in recent months. He insisted that Democrats are upset over losing an election they felt they should have won.

The NFL legend added that if there was foul play, Trump should be punished. But he urged the nearly 60 members of Congress not attending today’s inauguration to move forward and put aside differences if there isn’t any illegal activity.

“If it is illegitimate, why is it going on? If you are going to impeach him, impeach him. If [Trump] did something wrong arrest him,” Brown says. “But don’t cry the blues because you did not get the vote out and this man had a genius way of winning the election. … If the election was legal, they should go. We are human beings and a lot of people need us to get along so that we can help the people that can’t help themselves.”

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