Milwaukee PD Disrupts Peaceful Charity Event Held by Black Panthers After 911 Call

Members of the Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party claim police roughed up a member over a shotgun and allegedly elbowed a child during a charity event last week.

The group of community activists hosted an outdoor food pantry event Wednesday, Dec. 28, for those struggling this past holiday season. “We have held a ‘Feed people program’ in that same location for months prior to this without any incident,” Vaun Mayes of the Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party told FOX 6 Milwaukee.

Reportedly, police were monitoring the group after they received a 911 call regarding a person with a gun near the event. Officers rode by the pantry and saw a man holding a shotgun. When police encountered the gun owner, they discovered that the 21-year-old had a warrant out for his arrest, FOX 6 News reported. Police also state that the unidentified man was handling the shotgun improperly, so they confiscated the weapon and arrested him.

According to the officers’ recount of the incident, other members in the group proceeded to circle police and had to be pushed back. Cell phone footage of last week’s incident showed officers and other Black Panther members engage in a brief scuffle.

“Weapons were taken illegally. One was returned. The other was held, along with our comrade, who was taken on a petty warrant,” Mayes says.

During the scuffle, officers allegedly elbowed a 10-year-old girl while instructing others to back away.

“I had went over to my mom and dad because I was scared,” Nya Bryant says. The young girl reportedly has a busted lip. Now, her mother, according to FOX 6, plans on taking legal action. Since the incident, Nya’s mother also attempted to file a police complaint but was told Nya would have to be questioned.

Milwaukee Police have reached out to Nya’s family, but they say the family has not contacted them back.

Last week’s police encounter was not the first time the Black Panthers have been harassed by police. They told the media that they have been constantly monitored. “We’ve been followed, filmed and monitored by MPD,” Mayes says.

“Our mission will not be deterred by these tactics,” General Jamal Cannon with the Milwaukee Revolutionary Black Panther Party says.


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