Police Refuse to Believe Man Is Disabled, Deny Him His Walker, Drag Him to Squad Car

A Battle Creek, Michigan, man was captured on video being roughed up during a Thursday, Dec. 15, arrest. In the now-viral video, 28-year-old Dawan M. Gordon is on the ground as two white police officers stand over him attempting to arrest him. The motorist slides off the driver’s seat and collapses on the snow-covered pavement.

“How would you like to get up right now?” one of the arresting officers asks. But the Gordon insisted that he could not get up without the assistance of his walker.

“You dragged me out of the car, bro. Look what you just did to me,” Gordon shouts. “I can’t get up without my walker.”

According to local Michigan outlet The Battle Creek Enquirer, Gordon was pulled over because he had outstanding warrants and did not have a license. While the motorist repeatedly told police he could not stand, the officers said they saw the man stand and walk moments prior to the encounter.

The Enquirer reported that Gordon was shot in the back in 2006 and since then has required a walker to get around.

In the 3-minute clip, officers stand Gordon up and drag him to the squad car. “Look at what he’s doing to my hands! This is inhumane!” Gordon yells. As the officers try to put him in the car, Gordon starts screaming in agony, “My legs can’t fold! My legs can’t fold!” A woman off camera repeatedly yells to the Battle Creek officers that Gordon’s braces need to be unlocked but it’s not clear whether they actually did it.

At this point, the audio becomes inaudible and there is only a cacophony of shouts and cussing from one of the officers. As the cameraperson moves closer to the squad car, viewers can hear a police officer ask, “If we stand you up, could you do it?”

According to The Enquirer, Gordon was taken to Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo to receive medical attention for his injuries. Now, the 28-year-old faces two counts of resisting arrest. He is being held on $2,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court Dec. 29.

“It was a traffic stop that happened yesterday and it was filmed and placed on Facebook,” Chief Jim Blocker said Friday afternoon in a news conference. “We are thoroughly investigating and pulling all the video and audio we can. There was no use of force by the officers.”

Blocker added that both officers are still on duty and they have not been reprimanded for their actions.

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