Bystanders Do Nothing as Helpless Black Man Has Teeth Kicked Out by White Assailant In L.A.

An allegedly homeless Black man was attacked by white assailants at a Hollywood rail station Tuesday morning, Dec. 13.

In the footage captured by bystander Luke Cunningham, a white man in a tank top punches a Black man onto the platform, as a second man in a white hoodie stands over the collapsed man. The accomplice then grabs the victim’s backpack and moves it over to a pillar.

There were three men at the scene, but the man in the tank top was captured on video committing the most violence. KTLA 5 News reported that all three managed to get away before paramedics arrived.

According to Cunningham, other bystanders stood by and did not intervene on behalf of the victim — and neither did he — but he felt obligated to record the incident. He told KTLA 5 News that the man in the tank top did not stop until he drew blood and knocked out teeth.

“You can’t see in the video, but then he kicked him in the face while he was down,” Cunningham tells KTLA. “I followed the [victim] and he had no teeth in his mouth. He had his teeth knocked out and he was bleeding all over the place.”

KTLA reported that Cunningham’s footage has been turned over to authorities and there is a search for the three suspects.

“You can see some verbal exchange, not sure if it was a verbal altercation,” L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Ramon Montenegro said in a statement. “But whatever it was, it didn’t warrant an assault because it didn’t appear the victim was a threat to the other gentleman.”

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