Former NFL QB Inadvertently Reveals Own Racism While Blasting NBA Players for Boycotting Trump

Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton commented on the recent string of athletes coming out against President-elect Donald Trump in a Dec. 5 interview with TMZ Sports.

The famed New York Giants and Minnesota Vikings QB slammed the media and athletes for not respecting Trump. “The media, thank God, don’t run our country,” Tarkenton says. “The media’s a bunch of hacks that write stuff.”

However, he was just getting started. He told the reporter that Trump’s business IQ will save jobs and bring new leadership to Washington D.C. Then, Tarkenton looked up and boldly said, “Businessmen built this great city” to make his point.

“The media didn’t build this city,” he continues. “We never had a businessman to be in Washington. You watch how things get done in Washington … [Trump] already has gotten started. He saved 1,000 jobs …”

After being asked about NBA players who said they would not attend the White House during Trump’s presidency, Tarkenton called them disrespectful and brought up President Barack Obama unprompted.

“Nobody boycotted Obama because he’s Black, did they?” Tarkenton asks rhetorically. “No. They all went there because he was our President. And you respect our President. No matter whether you’re for him or not.”

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